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Namespace SetupStepOps


Type aliases


setupStepDescription: { check?: () => Promise<boolean>; cta: string; description: string; href: string; key: string; outcome?: () => Promise<string>; position: number; title: string }

Type declaration

  • Optional check?: () => Promise<boolean>
      • (): Promise<boolean>
      • Returns Promise<boolean>

  • cta: string
  • description: string
  • href: string
  • key: string
  • Optional outcome?: () => Promise<string>
      • (): Promise<string>
      • Returns Promise<string>

  • position: number
  • title: string


Const setupStepDescriptions

setupStepDescriptions: Array<setupStepDescription> = [{position: 1,key: "create_a_team",title: "Create a Team",description:"Create another team so that your colleagues can use Grouparoo.",href: "/teams",cta: "Create a Team",check: async () => {const count = await Team.count();return count > 1;},},{position: 2,key: "name_your_grouparoo_instance",title: "Name your Grouparoo Instance",description: "Give your Grouparoo cluster a name.",href: "/settings/core",cta: "Change your Grouparoo Cluster Name",check: async () => {const setting = await plugin.readSetting("core", "cluster-name");return setting.value !== setting.defaultValue;},},{position: 3,key: "add_an_app",title: "Add an App",description:"Add your first App to Grouparoo. Apps are used to connect to your Databases and APIs.",href: "/apps",cta: "Add an App",check: async () => {const count = await App.count();return count > 0;},},{position: 4,key: "create_a_source",title: "Create a Source",description:"Add your first Source to Grouparoo. Sources connect to Apps and are able to import data.",href: "/sources",cta: "Add a Source",check: async () => {const count = await Source.count();return count > 0;},},{position: 5,key: "create_a_unique_profile_property",title: "Create a Unique Profile Property",description:"Create your first unique Profile Property Rule. Grouparoo needs at least one unique Profile Property Rule to identify your Profiles (email, userId, etc). You can have more than one!",href: "/profilePropertyRules",cta: "Add a Profile Property",check: async () => {const count = await ProfilePropertyRule.count({where: { unique: true },});return count > 0;},outcome: async () => {const count = await Profile.count();return `${count} Profiles created`;},},{position: 6,key: "create_a_schedule",title: "Create a Schedule",description:"Create a Schedule to import data from your Source regularly. You can have a Schedule for each Source.",href: "/sources",cta: "Add a Schedule",check: async () => {const count = await Schedule.count();return count > 0;},outcome: async () => {const count = await Run.count();return `${count} Runs created`;},},{position: 7,key: "create_a_group",title: "Create a Group",description:"Create a Group based on the Properties of your Profiles. Groups will be kept up-to-date with changes to your Profile's Properties.",href: "/groups",cta: "Add a Group",check: async () => {const count = await Group.count();return count > 0;},outcome: async () => {const count = await GroupMember.count();return `${count} Group Memberships created`;},},{position: 8,key: "create_a_destination",title: "Create a Destination",description:"Create a Destination to sync your Profiles and Group Memberships. Grouparoo will automatically send all new information to the Destinations relevant to each Profile.",href: "/destinations",cta: "Add a Destination",check: async () => {const count = await Destination.count();return count > 0;},outcome: async () => {const count = await Export.count();return `${count} Profiles exported to a Destination`;},},]

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